"Love the music and

makes me feel great!


"What Jo has succeeded in doing in her classes is more than just providing an hour of fun and excercise, she has given women a way to express themselves and liberate themselves... A kind of therapy."

"So happy to be somewhere where I can dance to great music and not bump into one of my friends children!! And burn calories at the same time."

"Much more sexy and fun than a gym workout!"

"Every time I leave a class I FEEL so happy! It's my happy pill! Getting slimmer has been a by product.. I got HAPPIER!"

"Even the most uncoordinated dancer should not fear... Jo's classes give you the confidence to join in, dance your ass off, and have fun!!!"

Ladies....join us for an hour of dancing, step by step instruction, taught by women for women.
Dance along to great music with a guaranteed work out as a bonus!
If you need a change of exercise then these classes are for you.
They will make you feel 21 again!!!

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